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About Reaper and Azteco

Reaper is a freedom technology company that specializes in selling Azteco bitcoin vouchers. Our approach is simple, keep it simple and private.

Bitcoin Changes Everything

Bitcoin is a secure and safe way to send money to anyone anywhere in the world instantly. It completely eliminates payer fraud. All you need is a wallet and you can immediately start sending and receiving payments from anywhere world-wide, without waiting, without forms to fill, without fees to receive, and no middle man.

Bitcoin is to money as email is to hand-written post cards on paper sent by post. Bitcoin completely simplifies and greatly speeds up how you send money to other people, and Azteco makes getting Bitcoin easy.

Reaper brings a concierge type experience to buying Bitcoin. We make sure you have a safe buying experience and use bitcoin only for payments.

Human Support

When you’re dealing with the most scarce resource known to mankind, support matters. Call or Chat directly with our team. No robots.

Security is who we are.

Reaper believes that security is an essential part of business. We will do everything we can to provide your desired level of privacy.

Pushing Bitcoin Forward.

Our Azteco vouchers are one of the easiest and private ways to acquire Bitcoin. Our service will help usher in the next wave of adopters with best practices and privacy top of mind.

Vouchers are simple

Once your order is placed, we create will create an Azteco voucher that includes a simple (16) digit redemption code and instructions for first timers to redeem it. Once you receive the voucher via email, you have two options to redeem:

  1. Head over to Azteco and plug in the code and the deposit address for the voucher. Upon redemption, Azteco immediately writes the transaction to the mempool and within a couple blocks, the Bitcoin will arrive at the destination wallet.
  2. Open BlueWallet and scan the QR code on the Azteco Voucher. It will deposit to your wallet of choice in Blue Wallet after a confirmation.

Payment Methods

We only accept BTC for payments. Our recommendation is to use something like Strike to make payments so you do not have to sell any of your bitcoin for the vouchers.

Bitcoin is our future.

Bitcoin is the best money we’ve ever had. It isn’t controlled by politicians and can’t be printed out of thin air. It’s 21 million supply make it a rock hard money and store of value.

You can send and receive Bitcoin from anywhere in the world without anyone’s permission. This is the future of money. This is freedom technology.

Ready for freedom?