Expanding products

Holy shit I did not expect setting up shipping in WooCommerce to be so painful. When you’re selling spooky items to cucked states, that means you need to set up some shopping cart logic on the back end. Long story short is that I am developing some custom Glock magazines that have Bitcoin logos laser etched on them. I am hoping to have them in hand by mid-July. That should be a fun item to sell. If all goes well, I will push out custom AR-15 mags shortly thereafter.

Besides the mag endeavors, I have tried setting up some drop shipping with WooCommerce. It has been pretty tough, and I can’t get the supplier I want to install properly. For now, I will have to manually trigger orders in the supplier’s dashboard in order to fulfill merch orders. For now, I made a simple shirt that is pretty dumb, but high quality. I have more ideas in the pipeline, just need to push publish for now.