Announcing the BTC Mag Series

When divine inspiration hits you, you’ve got to act. Working day to day at Bitcoin Magazine and simping for gincad on twitter lead me to this brilliant product idea, the BTC Mag Series. Today we announce this series as a custom line of magazines with a bitcoin theme.

The first product we are launching is the BTC Mag GL9. We are supporting the GL9 platform for many reasons, mostly out of selfishness but also because this is a standard that the guncad community has built around. The GL9 is supported in the infamous FGC9, Mac Daddy, Tac Daddy, and many more G19/17 variants.

This magazine is built on the Magpul PMAG GL9. This is a fantastic aftermarket magazine that is very high quality.

BTC Mag GL9 features a bitcoin pattern designed by 4nonymousBTB  modeled after the iconic LV pattern. It features the bitcoin symbol, a cube, and lightning bolt.

Our friends at The Mag Project took care of the actual laser work. You should support them, they are good dude.

Once we run through the inventory on this product, we hope to roll proceeds into AR15 magazines to continue the series.

Thanks for the support. Remember, ST8H8SU.