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  • Announcing the BTC Mag Series

    Announcing the BTC Mag Series

    When divine inspiration hits you, you’ve got to act. Working day to day at Bitcoin Magazine and simping for gincad on twitter lead me to this brilliant product idea, the BTC Mag Series. Today we announce this series as a custom line of magazines with a bitcoin theme. The first product we are launching is…

  • Expanding products

    Expanding products

    Holy shit I did not expect setting up shipping in WooCommerce to be so painful. When you’re selling spooky items to cucked states, that means you need to set up some shopping cart logic on the back end. Long story short is that I am developing some custom Glock magazines that have Bitcoin logos laser…

  • Site Changes

    Site Changes

    Quick update on things I am working on. Added LN and On Chain to checkout Added fees for credit card checkouts – time value of money is real Updated home page with some fresh graphics Added ledger leak list as virtual product

  • Enter the Realm

    Enter the Realm

    Welcome, You Beautiful Sons Of Bitches! Enter the Realm of Reaper: Unleashing Freedom Tech, Using The Tools, and Stacking Some Sats (Hopefully)! Ladies and gentlemen, dissident enthusiasts, and freedom-loving renegades, gather ’round! It’s time to kick the doors wide open and welcome you to the wild world of Reaper! Strap yourselves in, because we’re about…