How To Buy and Redeem Azteco Bitcoin Voucher Guide

You’re too afraid to ask, but I can read your self conscious mind… so here’s the How To Buy and Redeem Azteco Bitcoin Voucher Guide. Once you’ve read this, you will not have any questions and you will be elevated to an ascended master.

Let’s first explain a bit about Azteco. Azteco is a company that handles the creation and redemption of closed loop vouchers that are redeemed for bitcoin. Azteco does not sell these vouchers directly to end users, as the vouchers are sold through Azteco merchants. Merchants (me) go through a KYC process (fml) with Azteco (it’s the law) in order to be allowed to sell these things.

One of the big benefits of acquiring bitcoin via these vouchers is because Azteco vouchers are ethical bitcoin, no KYC involved for the end user. For example, the checkout on this site takes bitcoin only(updated to now accept debit and credit as of 5-26-2023 but the kyc free information still applies because no one party can triangulate the purchase) for payments and the only important information on the checkout is the email address because that is where we send the voucher. Azteco doesn’t know who I am selling vouchers to and I do not know the BTC address that the vouchers are redeemed to, so there’s no way to triangulate who is buying the vouchers.

So what are the steps to buy and redeem one of these vouchers?

  1. I only accept bitcoin for payments, so that means you need some bitcoin if you want to buy an Azteco voucher from me(I now accept debit and credit card 5-27-2023). In my opinion, one of the best ways to pay for these would be to use Strike, which allows users to pay BTC invoices with dollars from their bank account. If you don’t do that, then you would have to find some other creative way to turn your dollars into BTC to buy the vouchers.
  2. Head over to the shop and add a voucher to cart. BTW There are limits to how many vouchers you can purchase at a time. In the US you can only purchase up to $10,000 of gift cards or vouchers per day. So I have limited checkouts to $10,000 max per checkout. Here you can see the error where I added (11) of the $1,000 vouchers to cart.
  3. Next is proceed to checkout. In the billing screen you will see a shit ton of billing info fields. The only important field is EMAIL address. The rest is not necessary but I can’t figure out how to hide them in WordPress.
  4.  Checkout with BTCPay Server will load up my node and you can pay the invoice.
  5. COMMISSIONS & FEES: There is a 5% commission on each gift card and an included network fee. The network fee is calculated based on the mempool depth at the time the gift card is purchased so it will vary. Example: You purchase a $100 giftcard, you will receive ~$93 of bitcoin. $100 – ($5 commission + ~$2 network fee).
  6. The vouchers are locked into the amount of BTC they are worth at the moment I create them, not the moment you checkout. Don’t try to time a voucher purchase on the minute chart, I am not that fast.
  7. Once the transaction has received 1 confirmation, you will receive an email thanking you for the order.
  8. I will then get notified and manually create the voucher and email it to you. Please allow up to 24 hours to fufil. I’ll send you an email with links to view and download vocuhers.
  9.  Redeem the vouchers. You can redeem gift cards 2 ways:
    1. Go to enter your 16 digit code which is on the voucher AND a Bitcoin deposit address and click redeem. It will be written to mempool and soon hit your wallet.
    2. Open Blue Wallet and scan the QR code on the voucher. The TX will be redeemed to your selected Blue Wallet.
  10. PLEASE NOTE: Gift card redemption time varies based on the Bitcoin mempool. For example, if you redeem a gift card and the mempool is suddenly slammed with many new transactions, there could be a delay in the amount of time it takes for your transaction to clear. I have seen it take more than 24 hours for transactions to clear, so do not be alarmed. They will get confirmed!
  11. Now you have ethical bitcoin. Consider NOT mingling it with your doxxed stash of BTC and learn about UTXO management.

That’s about it. You are now a jedi master, I have shared all I know. Now quit being a pussy and buy a voucher from me!